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Potent Biomaterials and Emission-Free Limestone

Green Innovations for Reaching Your Sustainability Goals

What do we offer?


translucent, (heat) resistant and waterproof biomaterial

Carrier Material

Integrable biosensors of all types, water soluble and insoluble

DNA Data Storage

Multiple and non-destructive readout with 500 years+ durability

DNA Track & Trace

100% verification and authentication, seamless integrated in your manufacturing process

Biogenic Limestone

Our limestone stands out as a sustainable option, offering carbon-neutral, biobased, and recycled alternatives to conventional limestone. With prime quality attributes including high calcium carbonate content (95%), whiteness surpassing 90%, and homogeneous quality, all at a competitive price, it’s the ideal choice for environmentally-conscious and budget-conscious manufacturing processes.

Application areas (a.o.):
Plastics industry (filler), Pharmaceuticals and food, Paper industry, Cement and construction industry, Arts and crafts (gold leaf primer)

The massive amount of eggshell residue causes three major problems

Economic Problem
Hygienization and waste management are costly for the egg processing industry, averaging 80-100€ per ton, greatly impacting financial calculations in such cent-sensitive operations.

Environmental Problem
Every day, 3.8 billion eggs are produced worldwide, with 1.2 billion processed directly, generating 12,000 tons of waste daily. Eggshell waste is a significant issue, ranked 15th in food industry pollution by the EPA, impacting soil, people, and animals.

Ecological Problem
The rapidly growing global demand for raw materials is encountering scarce availability, fluctuating supply chains and consequently rising prices.

Unlocking Premium Material Quality: Our Innovative Upcycling Process

To ensure top-notch material quality for Protegg materials, we‘ve pioneered an innovative upcycling process. This cutting-edge process efficiently converts mass residue into premium raw materials, all while being eco-friendly and energy-efficient. For deeper insights, we‘d love to discuss it further with you.

The conversion of residual material into Protegg® ESM forms the basis for producing Protegg® Bio-Plastic, paving the way for applications in (bio)sensors, bioplastics, bio-packaging, and filter technology. With Protegg® bioplastic’s unique capacity to embed (bio-)molecules, we find sensor technology and brand protection particularly intriguing.

  • World’s First DNA Carrier Token
  • 100% biobased
  • World first ESM Bioplastic
  • Water-resistant & hygroscopic
  • Unique material properties
  • Highly potent carrier material

Protegg® our future.

Fabian Hütter
Co-Founder and Head of R&D
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Markus Johanning
Co-Founder and Managing Director
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