At Protegg, we focus on developing environmentally friendly and sustainable innovations and
customising them to your needs. We have developed the world’s first fully circular ESM based
bioplastic, which opens the door to a wide range of different applications. From low to high tech
hardware products, as a potent carrier material for (bio)sensors and as a storage material for DNA. Protegg
works in a fully circular way and transforms a residual material into highly effective biopolymers and
high quality biogenic limestone.

Protegg® product area

What do we offer?

Protegg® offers innovation based on ESM and high quality biogenic limestone

ESM-based innovations

  • DNA based Track&Trace

    • 100% verification and authentication
    • seamless integration in your manufacturing process
    • customized multisensor to solve all your painpoints
    • DNA masterbatch or token, depending on your needs
  • DNA Data storage and retrieval

    • Multiple and non-destructive readout
    • 500 years + durability
    • the usb stick of the future
  • Carrier Material

    • Integrable biosensors of all types, water soluble and insoluble
    • Bio multisensor combination possible
  • Bioplastic

    • translucent, resistant biomaterial
    • heat resistant and waterproof

Further potentials:
Filtration (heavy metals, radioactive substances), functional additive, medtech applications


Biogenic Limestone

  • Limestone

    • Differentiation : Minimised CO2 footprint
    • Biogenic and recyclable alternative to conventional
  • Highest quality

    • High calcium carbonate content (95 %)
    • whiteness > 90%
    • Free from impurities
  • Cost-effective

    • Competitive price
  • Environmentally friendly

    • Chemical free
    • Energy efficient manufacturing process.

Application areas:

  • Plastics industry (filler)

    • Effective filler, improved material properties, lowers production costs
  • Pharmaceuticals and food

    • high purity
    • no contamination
    • homogeneous quality
  • Cost-effective

    • Competitive price
  • Environmentally friendly

    • Chemical free
    • Energy efficient manufacturing process
  • Paper industry

    • as a filler or gloss pigment
  • Cement and construction industry

    • High-quality alternative to conventional limestone
  • Arts and crafts (gold leaf primer)

    • Ideal primer for the application of gold leaf in art and decorative applications processed eggs / day

The massive amount of eggshell residue causes three major problems.

Every day, 3.8 billion eggs are produced worldwide, of which 1.2 billion are processed directly, resulting in 12.000 tons of waste per day. Eggshell waste is a highly problematic residue, heavily affecting and harming soil, people and animals. It has been ranked as the 15th major food industry pollution problem by the EPA.


Our single-variety recycling process enables the residual material to be converted into standardised raw materials. The environmental impact can thus be avoided and the raw materials are further processed by the market.

The necessary hygienisation and subsequent waste management are cost-intensive factors for the egg processing industry. The costs of 80-100€ per ton significantly influence the calculation in a cent-heavy operation like this.

Bio Packaging

Protegg takes over the residual materials free of charge for the processor. This eliminates a significant cost factor and also makes the industry much more circular.

The rapidly growing global demand for raw materials is encountering scarce availability, fluctuating supply chains and consequently rising prices.


We offer a sustainable and biogenic limestone alternative for several industries. This is available globally and locally in large quantities.


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About us

Protegg® our future.

We, Protegg® GmbH, are a young, award-winning bioeconomy start-up from Munich. Started as a project in 2020 and founded as a company in 2022, we at Protegg® deal with the processing and transformation of the residual eggshell membrane from the egg-processing industry into a novel, standardised raw material. This raw material forms the basis for the development and production of new bio-based Protegg® materials and applications. Our development is always based on three principles: circular, holistic, innovative.

In our research, we created a groundbreaking bio-based plastic, jointly optimized by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in a 2022 study commissioned by Protegg®. The study validated scientific assumptions and incorporated new findings for future applications.

We shared our vision with external stakeholders, thereby building a broad network of mentors and supporters in corporate, scientific, and political sectors who actively advise and support us in finance, business development, and research.

Fabian Hütter

Co-Founder and Head of R&D

Markus Johanning

Co-Founder and Managing Director

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